Branding, the ancient approach to cattle ownership… and to some degree it still speaks to a business ‘ownership’ of a product or service but it is so much more than that. For us, branding is really determined and defined by your audience’s perception of your business, company, people, products and/or services.

As a consumer, we understand how brands , and it is that feeling that defines a brand. Not a logo or tagline, but a feeling. One of trust, credibility, cultural views, cool-factor – anything that can be measured emotionally – that is the essence of a brand. We aim to ride that wave of emotion and develop brands and identities which reflect those values.

As well as speaking directly to your customers, effective branding should also separate you from your competition and allow you to own a ‘space’ that they don’t or can’t. 

Using research to determine what your audience is motivated by, we can move to the tangibles of a brand and the identity which helps convey those feelings of trust, credibility and “I want to buy that” in your intended audience.