Foster Martin

A Myth Realized

The brief was to create a film that shook the real estate industry using a rich, cinematic approach to storytelling. Developing the story with Verv Projects, we produced a short film that told the story of the mythical ‘Merlion’. Half lion, half mermaid, the myth became a metaphor for the lure of the project. A series of stills were created to work in the print but the strength of this campaign was leveraging the richness of the film and digital platforms to deliver the story to its audience.

Project Scope


Landmark Properties / Verv Projects


Behind The Scenes

With this many moving parts, beautiful people and stunning locations, it was a no-brainer for Landmark to want to showcase the work we all put in to realize the final product. This montage, shot by videographer Marshal Chupa, is testament to their desire to do it all and have the best.